CarRest car seat back cushion for comfort driving

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Who needs the CarRest?

The CarRest is designed for everyday use by drivers to prevent backache or relieve existing symptoms.
The CarRest is right for you if long car journeys are part of your daily routine!

Use of the CarRest:

The CarRest is a lower back support specifically designed for car seats. The cushion offers additional support for your lower back and helps to maintain correct posture and the natural curve. The supportive two-part foam stuffing offers good support without excessive rigidity.
The cushion’s design makes it suitable for almost all seats. The fastening strap is made of the same material as a seatbelt, and fits well in a car interior. The plastic clip can be opened quickly, letting you use the cushion elsewhere too.

Using the CarRest:

  • place the CarRest with the rear side against the car seat;
  • connect the cushion to the rear of the car seat using the special strap with just one click;
  • adjust the length of the strap so that the CarRest remains in the correct position.

CarRest measurements and other features

  • height 30 cm, length 32 cm, thickness 8 cm;
  • two-part rubber foam stuffing;
  • mixed fiber cover is moisture- and dust-resistant;
  • removable cover is both machine- and hand-washable;
  • the CarRest’s clip strap is easy to adjust and thus can fit different seats.

The cushion has an asymmetric shape, meaning it can be turned 180° to adjust the back support by +/– 3cm. This allows you to adjust the back support to the height and comfort that best suit you.

Right – The CarRest’s harder part is installed facing upwards, which is often suitable for the majority of users.
Left – The CarRest’s harder part is installed facing downwards, reducing the support’s pressure on the lower back.

Round pink part – (cushion’s harder insert), helps to maintain optimum pressure on the lower back while also maintaining softness and comfort.

White part – made of softer foam than the pink section, and gently supports the rest of the back.