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Ergonomic CarPad cushion to support lumbar back

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Who needs the CarPad?

The CarPad is designed for everyday use by drivers who spend their time behind the wheel, in order to prevent backache or to relieve existing pains.

The CarPad is right for you if long car journeys are part of your daily routine and you need extra support particularly in the lumbar region!

Use of the CarPad:

The CarPad lumbar cushion provides comfort and correct posture for both long and short car journeys, thanks to the extra support in the lumbar area of the back.

The extra support helps the body maintain correct curvature in the spine and prevents over- or underextension. While modern car seats are better than ever before, they unfortunately not always provide an ideal result for everyone. The CarPad cushion offers a solution, by providing essential extra support for the lower back and making it all the more possible to make car seats as ergonomic as possible.

The CarPad is perfect for older and newer types of car seats. The fastening strap is made of the same material as a seatbelt, and fits well in a car interior. The plastic clip can be opened quickly, letting you use the cushion elsewhere too.

Using the CarPad

  • place the CarPad with the rear side against the car seat;
  • connect the cushion to the rear of the car seat using the special strap with just one click;
  • adjust the length of the strap so that the CarPad remains in the correct position.

CarPad measurements and other features

  • height 25 cm, width 24 cm, thickness 8 cm;
  • two-part rubber foam stuffing;
  • 100% cotton velvet cover;
  • cover is moisture- and dust-resistant;
  • removable cover is both machine- and hand-washable;
  • the CarPad’s clip strap is easy to adjust and thus can fit different chairs

The CarPad lumbar support can be positioned in the area where you need support the most.


If the pressure on your lower back is too high, open the cushion cover and remove the extra 1-cm-thick layer.