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Who needs the D-Cushion?

If you prefer to sit on comfortable sofas and cosy armchairs, the D-Cushion is right for you!

The D-Cushion is perfect for you if you want extra support while sitting on upholstered furniture.

Using the D-Cushion:

The D-Roll is slightly softer than the lumbar roll, so if you want a slightly more sloped back support, the D-Cushion will suit you excellently!

The Roll’s flat back provides a better support surface and therefore also remains in place better.

D-Cushion measurements and other features

  • Length 30.5 cm, height 14 cm, thickness 10 cm;
  • foam stuffing;
  • 100% cotton velvet cloth cover;
  • removable cover is both machine- and hand-washable;
  • the D-Cushion’s clip strap is easy to adjust and thus can fit different chairs.