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Lumbar Pad cushion recommended for office chairs

Lumbar pad cushion on office chair
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Who needs the Lumbar Pad?

If you spend your days sitting in an office chair and you would like to prevent backache that is caused by a forced posture, this lumbar support is just for you!

The lower back lumber support is right for you if you are not yet affected by back pain.

Use of the Lumbar Pad:

Primarily intended for office chairs, but can also be used when driving and in other places with hard seat backs.

We recommend using this as an aid to prevent back problems. If you already suffer from backache, we suggest you look at sturdier support options.

Lumbar Pad measurements and other features

  • length 28 cm, height 13 cm, thickness 5.5 cm;
  • foam stuffing;
  • 100% cotton velvet cloth cover;
  • removable cover is both machine- and hand-washable;
  • the lower back lumbar support’s clip strap is easy to adjust and thus can fit different chairs.