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SuperRoll lumbar support cushion - length 40 cm

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Who needs Super lumbar-support cushion?

If you sit in an office or home for long hours, have poor posture, and use a chair that offers minimal or even no lumbar support, you might want a lumbar-support cushion. Some people working 40 hours a week for many years in an office chair with poor lumbar support and find themseves with serious back pain. Since they don't have the freedom or funds to choose a different office chair, they turned to lumbar pillows as a solution. Adding a lumbar pillow to an office or other chair gives you the freedom to position the support in the best place for your back. allowing for maximum comfort. If, however, you already have a supportive office chair, you should not need any additional back support.

The Super lumbar support cushion is also right for you if you are already suffering from back aches and want to relieve the pain.

Use of cushion:

The pad has a very ergonomic design and thanks to the adjustable mount, it fits most chairs with sturdy back supports.

This lower back Super cushion has a support area that is sturdier than usual, ensuring the correct position and alignment of the spine.

Lumbar support cushion measurements and other features

  • length 40 cm, height 14.5 cm, thickness 5 cm;
  • foam rubber stuffing, which is manufactured in a specially shaped form, thereby ensuring even more durable support;
  • 100% cotton velvet cloth cover;
  • removable cover is both machine- and hand-washable;
  • the back pad’s clip strap is easy to adjust and thus can fit different chairs.