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Plateau seat cushion 45 x 49 cm with harder innerfoam - height 7,5-10-12,5 cm

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Gives a higher and flat surface for comfort sitting on chair, sofa or floor

Use an medium-firm elevation cushion to raise the seat position at home, work or other places

The ergonomic cushion is designed wherever you need a higher position:

  • for children at the table
  • sitting on the floor (in kindergarten or at home)
  • for sofas or chairs if you need a higher seating position
  • on hairdresser's chair as a child seat cushion and many more places

This pillow is also a great help in getting up from a low position. The higher position makes it easier to get up from a chair, couch, wheelchair or other seat. Also good to use for people with hip disorder or reduced streghts in muscles.

Pillow features

  • The filling is made of harder density foam.
  • The cover is removable with a zipper and is made of soft and highly durable fabric, machine wash at 30 degrees.
  • All sizes have a handle that allows you to comfortably carry the cushion.

With firmer innerfoam, 50 kg / m3 density.
For users weight more than 70 kg


Art 1050 - 45 x 49 x 7,5 cm
Art 1075 - 45 x 49 x 10 cm
Art 1100 - 45 x 49 x 12,5 cm