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Plateau seat cushion 45 x 49 x 10 cm with harder innerfoam

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Ergonomic elevation seat cushion gives a higher and flat surface for comfortable sitting on a chair, sofa, or floor

In everyday life, there are cases where we need extra comfort to sit on a sofa, bed, chair, or other seat and also to stand up. In addition, a higher seat is sometimes needed at home, in the car, at work, or elsewhere. Adjusting the seating position can often be difficult with regular pillows or other. It is also not always possible to use regular bed pillows as they are usually too soft and do not provide enough support and positional stability. This problem can be solved with special seat cushions. The pillows are simple but high quality.

The ergonomic cushion is designed wherever you need a higher position:

  • for children at the table or elsewhere to make sitting comfortable and in right level
  • sitting on the floor or exercising (eg in kindergarten for both children and educators, at home, at work)
  • for upholstered furniture, if you need a higher seating position
  • in hairdressing chairs as a child seat pillow
  • the pillow can also be used easily to adjust the car seat height 

This pillow is also a great help in getting up from a low position. The higher position makes it easier to get up from a chair, couch, wheelchair, or another seat. Also good to use for people with a hip disorder or reduced strengths in muscles.

Cushion features

  • The filling is made of harder density foam.
  • The cover is removable with a zipper and is made of soft and highly durable fabric, machine wash at 30 degrees.
  • All sizes have a handle that allows you to comfortably carry the cushion.

With firmer inner foam, 50 kg / m3 density.
Recommended user weight more than 70 kg but can be used also any others.

Main characteristics:

Cover: hard resistance furniture fabric

Inner foam: polyether foam

Size: 45 x 49 x 10 cm

Colour: dark grey